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24hr Prayer Focus – Monday October 16th

A Day in the Life of a Homeless Person in Bristol

For October's Day of Prayer, we invite you to select an hour during the day and spend the time praying for the homelessness situation in Bristol. You can book a slot here.

Where you pray is your choice. You can pray at home, with a group at church or, if you like, actually out on the street with the homeless.

Before the day, we will send you a description of life on the streets for your particular hour. If Monday 16th isn't convenient for you, please choose any time between Sunday evening and Wednesday. More than one person can book the same slot.

"When you are homeless each day looks very much the same. It's a struggle to be positive. We're used to being ignored – except for just a few people who would like to help, although there isn't much they can do.

It's hard to imagine there's a God who wants to help us. There are days when we get to talk to someone; someone who might be able to find us somewhere to sleep, someone who understands our predicament, our poor health, our state of mind.

And that's how the days come and go. Maybe today will be different."

Posted: 15:56 on 18-09-17