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Spring of Hope Appeal: Help provide vulnerable women with much-needed daytime support

“When everyone, including myself, had failed me…they took me in.” 
– Lauren
With rising numbers of homeless and vulnerable women in Bristol, and the increasing complexity of their personal needs, Spring of Hope women's night shelter has reached a critical point. It's evident that, in addition to a safe bed for the night, women deseparately need daytime support work to help them move on. Please read the letter below from Jonathan, our CEO, and donate to our appeal for a Deputy Manager if you can.

Dear supporter,
I’m writing to you to ask if you can help support more women like Lauren. Women who, when they come to Spring of Hope women’s night shelter, may turn up with nothing but the clothes they’re standing in. No possessions, no money and no-one else to turn to, with little or no hope left.
As one of our invaluable supporters, you most likely know that Spring of Hope is the only women-only emergency night shelter in Bristol. We have just two full-time workers – Val and Trudy – and a small group of wonderful, dedicated volunteers. (You might even be one of them.) Between them, they support up to 12 homeless and vulnerable women, six nights a week, every week of the year including Christmas and New Year. In 2017/18 alone, almost 2,000 emergency bed nights in Spring of Hope were taken up by women like Lauren, who found themselves in desperate situations.
Because of your support we are able to help women who would otherwise be rough-sleeping or staying in unsuitable locations and conditions. So on behalf of every one who has been helped since our opening in 2011, and the team at Spring of Hope, I’d like to say a huge thank you.
However, I regret to tell you that the project has reached a critical point. With rising numbers of vulnerable women, increasingly complex needs and cuts to statutory services, the demands on Spring of Hope have increased. Providing the support that the women need and value so much is stretching our small team to breaking point. Recruiting another team member is vital to sustaining and developing Spring of Hope’s work.
That’s where we need your help. Could you help us to raise the additional £30,000 a year needed to employ a Deputy Manager at Spring of Hope?
Your donations would enable Spring of Hope to help women like Lauren journey out of their current situations and into recovery and restoration.
The new Deputy Manager would relieve the pressure on Val and Trudy, taking responsibility for building up a daytime programme of activities and services to be run by ourselves and with partner agencies. Along with giving women the opportunity to help themselves, this will provide a safe alternative to being out on the streets during the day, allowing them to find fellowship with others, and help to build a community to sustain them in their new beginnings.
Your support would also pave the way for one of our biggest priorities: setting up community housing in partnership with local churches. The Deputy Manager would play a key role in this new venture for Spring of Hope. Your donation would enable CCM to partner in giving a woman a key to her own front door, maybe for the first time in years, where she knows she will be safe and known.
Please give as you are able. Any donation, large or small, regular or one off, would help in enabling vulnerable women to make life-changing steps. Above all, please pray that Spring of Hope will continue to be able to provide support for women like Lauren.
Crisis Centre Ministries didn’t name the night shelter 'Spring of Hope’. It was named by the women who stay there. For them, it brought back the hope which they thought had been lost forever. This only happened because of the love, care and support made possible by supporters like you.
With your help, we can employ a Deputy Manager and give women like Lauren the support they so desperately need. And in doing so reignite the hope they may have lost in themselves and in life.
God bless.
Jonathan Lee
Chief Executive
Posted: 09:48 on 31-08-18