Transforming lives through offering food, shelter, hope and support to the most vulnerable in our community

Volunteering at the Wild Goose

"The great thing is that it really is a two-way rapport with the people that we help. I can see that they get as much out of me being here as I get from being here."

– Vanessa, Wild Goose volunteer

There are lots of ways to help at the Wild Goose drop-in centre. Below are some brief descriptions of different volunteer roles. If you think you might be able to help, or simply would like more information, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator, Steve Smith. You can email him at [email protected], or call him on 0117 405 7112.

Daytime team volunteer

Daytime volunteers help deliver the food service in the Wild Goose, preparing meals, serving food and drinks to guests, and keeping the place clean and tidy. We offer flexible shifts between 9am and 5pm.

Evening team volunteer

Similarly to daytime volunteers, evening volunteers help deliver the food service in the Wild Goose. This typically includes a small amount of food preparation, welcoming and chatting to guests, serving food and drinks, washing up and keeping the place clean and tidy. Volunteers typically arrive at 7.30pm and depart at 10.15pm.

Evening team Duty Manager

Duty Managers are volunteers who take full responsibility for managing an evening session at the Wild Goose. In addition to overseeing the tasks mentioned above, this includes opening and locking up, doing your best to ensure Wild Goose policies and procedures are followed, training new volunteers and responding appropriately to any incidents that may arise. It is essential that people considering becoming Duty Managers gain experience as an evening team volunteer first.

Deep cleaning team volunteer

On Tuesdays during the day, the Wild Goose is closed for deep cleaning. This involves thoroughly cleaning the kitchen, the seating area and the store rooms, including cookers and other appliances. Cleaning usually takes three hours, from 9am to 12pm.

Deep cleaning Duty Manager

This role involves managing a Deep Cleaning team on a Tuesday morning. This includes training new volunteers when necessary, motivating the team to clean to high standards, ensuring cleaning is carried out safely, and completing cleaning record sheets.

Volunteer van driver

Each weekday morning at 8am, a volunteer van driver arrives at the Wild Goose, collects food crates and then drives the CCM van to Costco in Avonmouth to collect food donations. They then return to the Wild Goose, where they'll help unload and put away food in the storerooms, typically finishing around 11am. Volunteer van drivers need to have a full (and preferably clean) driving licence, as well as being physically fit and able to lift crates.

Engagement volunteer

In addition to offering food and a place to rest, the Wild Goose also provides an engagement service. Led by the Deputy Manager for Engagement, the team offers showers, a laundry service, clothes and listening support for guests. The team also responds to guests' requests for help, for instance in applying for benefits or finding accomodation. You will also help by signposting guests to local agencies that can help them further. The Engagement team works during the day on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

If you're interested in any of the roles above, please contact our Volunteers Coordinator, Steve Smith. You can email him at [email protected], or call him on 0117 405 7112.